Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Professor Parkinson, the Finger up Bum expert

I have a little ditty which it would be recalcitrant not to relate

About a year ago I got an email from a person purporting to be the estranged/estrangled/encapsulated wife of the very same Parky who was selected by Howard to enhance the "Finger up Bum" marketing of what is also called "false alligators" in family law.

If you read my book you will understand that maybe 50% of the $20 Billion per annum made/extorted by the FLIndustry is based on false assertions dad put finger up bum of kid.

Well now I have no reason to believe this person is NOT the "estranged/estrangled/encapsulated wife of the very same Parky", but of course for security, secrecy, s 121, privacy, patent, copyright, WMD reasons I can't divulge Mimi's name, but here is what she said:

"Let me explain the name. Buckwheat refers to Patrick-when I called him a F***wit in my lawyers office his side kick whispered "Buckwheat, Mimi-my grandmother says its a much nicer version of the same thing." It stuck. The bastard is not worth a screw-inept in THAT department, let me assure you. (If I sound nasty and vitriolic it is not without cause.) I had to actually laugh (nice change) someone on the site seemed to know a bit about the man.

Buckwheat has a bad habit of sticking his hand down the back of his pants and then sniffing his hand... on several occasions I asked why he did this and he replied that it helps him to check how sweaty things are down there..."

So Mimi [her true name?] was confirming my reference to the "My Poo Don't Smell" persona of Parky in my book, and was confirming that HE confirms regularly if it does or not.

What a Hoot!

Mini [her real name] went on to say:

"So yes, I have some insider information after 23 years with a Buckwheat. But Doc, It is TIME that some other things be known to the Australian public..."

Go ahead Mimi [her true name?] - tell us all Baby

But most of all Mimi [may be her true name but who cares under s 121 except Uncle Buck] is confirming why Howard selected Parky as a Finger Up The Bum Expert

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