Monday, August 17, 2009

Freudian Slip as Cash for Comment Freaks go for left over Howard Tin Badges

The latest blunder at familylawwebguide is that they have confused the word Platinum with "Platinium", which at best appears to be a pop group.

But I really think it is a Freudian Slip, and here's why:

As we all know that site was funded by Howard on a Cash for Comment basis, and the cash continued to flow after Howard until my letter to Kevin 07 re pirating of my ebook by Conan from the CFC site. Seems Kev has pulled the plug on the site.

anyhow, one of the many absurdities of the CFC deal was that "members" were given badges to match their financial contribution to the site [ie as well as the CFC], starting with a Bronze Medal for a few hundred dollars, and then what was meant to be a Platinum Medal for a "better contribution".

but somehow these drongos thought there was a "tin" in the word so they spelt it PlaTINium.

Now the Freudian Slip here is twofold

1/ they knew they were screwing these stupid blokes who paid to become members hence the medal was no better than a Tin Medal

2/ Howard was already handing out Tin Medals for Vietnam Conscripts as a smoke screen for the fact he screwed us on the Age Pension at 60 - see here for the explanation


  1. Did you read here today where they are wondering out loud on Familylawebguide is someone could represent themselves if they didn't read or write?

    It hasn't stopped any of those morons acting in the courts. All they are capable of is cutting and pasting.

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